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Course Content

Sooner or later, the chances are you're going to be the first on scene at a road traffic accident. BikerDown gives you straightforward practical information that you need to deal with the situation, giving you the confidence to act until the emergency services arrive. We show you how to assess a casualty and how to safely remove a crash helmet. It isn't just about first aid though - we tell you how to manage the accident scene, and we give you a whole load of defensive riding tips to minimise the chance of the casualty being you.

Managing the scene

In this first section we talk you through the actions you need take to safely manage the scene of the accident. You learn that your personal safety is paramount, you'll look at the hazards that might be there at the scene and learn about dynamic risk assessment.

"DR C ABC" and How to remove a helmet

In this module you'll learn the core first-aid skills needed to keep a casualty alive until the emergency services arrive, including initial assessment, checking responsiveness, checking the airway and learning how to safely remove a crash helmet. You'll also learn ways to deal with catastrophic bleeding, how to do CPR and how to move the casualty into the recovery position.

Defensive Riding tips and adivce

In the final module we give you advice and tips on defensive riding, so that you minimise the chances of you becoming a casualty.